Wilson vs Babolat Tennis Racquets

comparing wilson vs babolat racquets

Tennis racquets are the best friends of those who love to play tennis. Hence, it is part of a tennis player’s life to find the best racquet that suits his or her needs. What racquet type to use generally depends on the player’s physical stature and personal preference. Hence, the racquet brand and model would depend on the buyer. It is given that taste of individuals varies, and so are the racquets which have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Tennis racquet manufacturers abound with big names like Wilson, Babolat, Prince, Yonex and Head. Between Wilson and Babolat tennis racquets, which one better suits players? Both companies design quality racquets and deciding which one is better than the other is still arguable.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Babolat and Wilson Tennis Racquets

Some of the factors considered by many in picking their favorite racquet are string pattern, head size, weight or balance point, swing weight, grip size and frame flex or stiffness. Some also consider string material, tension and gauge.

Wilson’s Swing Index

A few companies once dominated the racquet industry until Wilson, which was among them, created a marketing and labeling strategy which is about the stiffness of tennis racquets. The makers placed their racquets in a vise where a 6.2 pound weight was added to a racquet’s head and see how it bended. The amount of bend gauged was called Stiffness Index, such as a racquet with a 2.7 mm bent had that figure as its Stiffness Index. From this the Hammer 2.7 racquet came out while Pro Staff 6.1 has a Stiffness Index of 6.1. A racquet that is stiffer is believed to be capable of generating more power, and can be controlled more

The concept that a big swing and hard hitting the ball do not need a power-generating racquet was then promoted. The racquet that generates more power like 2.7 suits a player who does not hit hard enough or has a short swing. The new way tennis fans see racquets and their pertinence to swings caught like wildfire and soared Wilson tennis racquets. The company then rebranded the Stiffness Index to Swing Index with a scale of 1 to 10 as other racquet makers had their Power Level for Prince while Head created their own.


Wilson fans would say the company creates tennis racquets for true players, and Babolat’s are flimsy, likely for the boring baseline player. Wilson tennis racquets are said to allow much power, spin, touch and provides versatility. Babolat does give better spin but many claimed Wilson’s feedback and versatility up the game to the next level, plus all the things Babolat can do, Wilson can, as well.

Age of Players

Some players who love Babolat racquets confessed they started with Wilson when they were young kids. Wilson tennis racquets are known to be kid-friendly. They claimed that intermediate players and up graduated from Wilson and use Babolat because of its better spin control. Some people said better players use either of the two brands while the pros use whatever they want.

Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Juice 100

The use of tennis racquets depending on the player’s taste is still true. The two brands never stop to offer the industry with superb racquets. For instance, the Babolat Pure Drive is the favorite of many and has been popular from pros to top college players, intermediates and those who play for their clubs.  However, Wilson is able to create a product very similar to it, the Juice 100.

The 100-square-inch maneuverable racquet from Wilson has the power and feel of the Babolat Pure Drive. It suits baseliners who drill from the baseline with its power when serving and hitting returns. It also comes handy when accessing to spin where stability is never an issue. Both Wilson and Babolat fans found it hard to see how the Pure Drive and Juice 100 differ.


Both Wilson and Babolat tennis racquets are quality ones. Otherwise, both brands would never go this far in the industry. When it comes to ranking and reviewing the world’s best racquets, these two never fail to be on the top of the list. Many players opt to use Wilson or Babolat racquets, and they have their own reasons. They pick what suits their personal taste and preferences.

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I love the game of tennis. It’s been a favorite sport in my family as far back as I can remember.
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